Arrival, Departure and Transportation Information

Follow this link for information on: School Bus Services

Arriving at School

All students and parents entering the campus in the morning should do so through the gate designated by the security guards. ISNS security guards will be stationed in the driveway to keep pedestrians safe as buses arrive.  Please do not enter on foot through the bus driveway.  Always use caution and watch out for traffic when entering the school grounds.

School buses will drive onto the campus and drop students off in the area between the guard station and the outdoor parking.  Once children disembark, the bus will pull out of the way behind the main building.

Parents driving personal vehicles to drop off their children should use caution, following all traffic and parking laws.  Do not use the school drive way to U-turn and do not U-turn in the middle of the street.

Any changes in a child's transportation routine must be pre-arranged with the school office and/or Bus Coordinator prior to being made. 

After School

Students are dismissed by their teacher at 3:30 PM every day (except Wednesday).  Teaching Assistants will accompany K3, K4 Grade 1 and Grade 2 students to the bus meeting point or their pick up area.  Bus Nannies will ensure students are on the appropriate bus at the scheduled time.  Students who are picked up directly from school should meet their parent or guardian in the main lobby or another appropriate area as agreed upon ahead of time.

All buses remain stationary until they are all loaded and the “all clear” is signaled.  All pedestrian traffic must stop while buses exit the campus.  An ISNS security guard will pull a barrier across the front entrance of the main building to block anyone from exiting while the buses are moving.  Guards will also stop pedestrians at the main gate at this time.

When returning home, students from grades K3-G5 must be picked up at the bus stop or at the school lobby or gate by a parent or by an authorized individual.  Parents may be asked for identification when picking up their child. Students from Grades 6-12 can walk from the bus stop to home or from the school to home, but parents must sign the waiver of responsibility that states the school is not responsible for the child beyond this point. Students, who are not picked up at bus stops by an authorized person, will be returned to school.  Parents will be notified in this case.

Only students who are participating in supervised extra-curricular activities should be on campus past 4:00pm (3:00pm on Wednesdays).  Parents of unsupervised students on campus after 4:00pm will be contacted immediately.  Students whose parents are late in picking them up will be asked to wait in front of the Admissions Office in the main lobby.  If parents are frequently late in picking up their child they will be asked to meet with the school administration.

Students may not travel on a different bus or go home with another student without specific written parent request and school permission.  Students who wish to travel on different buses may do so only if there is seating available.  If students wish to leave the school grounds on foot instead of going home on their bus, they may do so only if they have written parental permission.

Rainy Days

All students are asked to bring a small umbrella in their backpack.  Several teachers or staff volunteers will help to shuttle students to their buses using large umbrellas when possible.