Daily Routines

Students should arrive at school by 8:00 AM in order to be prepared for the school day.  Students must be in homeroom by 8:10 AM for attendance and morning announcements.  Other than Early Years, students arriving after 8:10 AM will be marked late.  Late students are expected to scan their ID card at the front gate or go to the school reception to get a tardy slip in order to enter the class.

Students will move to their first class at 8:20 AM.

Only students in K5 and higher are permitted to take the school bus.  K3 & K4 students must be dropped off and picked up by the parent or authorized adult.

PYP students will be dismissed at 3:20 PM and MYP/DP students will be dismissed at 3:30PM. The school buses will depart at 3:45 PM.   On Wednesdays, students will be dismissed at 2:20PM/2:30PM and buses will depart at 2:45PM. 

The campus is secured at 4:00 PM and all students must be off-campus at this time unless involved in a supervised activity.

EY Daily Timetable

The Early Years Programme consists of K3 and K5.  The timetable is flexible and may change from day to day.  Students have a snack twice per day and eat lunch in the classroom at approximately 11:50 AM.  Students in K3 and K4 take a nap in the afternoon.

PYP Daily Timetable

The Primary Years Programme consists of Grades 1 to Grade 5.  PYP classes operate on a five-day schedule with six periods each day.  

Daily Routines

MYP and DP Daily Timetable

The Middle Years Programme consists of Grades 6 to 10 and the Diploma Programme consists of Grades 11 and 12.  These programmes operate on a ten day rotating schedule with six periods each day.

Daily Routines