Services for Students

Student Resources

Classroom resources and equipment are provided by ISNS for students to use on a daily basis.  Such items include books, writing materials, desks, chairs, lockers/cubbies and electronic devices.

Students who lose or damage school resources are responsible for paying replacement costs. Students must return resources as requested by the teacher or if a student withdraws from ISNS. Report Cards will be withheld if resources are not returned or are not in good condition.

Water Coolers

We encourage all students to keep hydrated throughout the school day.  Water coolers are located throughout the school for students to use.  ISNS water bottles are available for purchase.

Lost and Found

A “Lost and Found” service is provided in the school reception desk.  Items that are lost will be placed there for a limited period of time, after which they will be donated.

Cubbies and Lockers

Students in EY and PYP are provided with an open cubby to use for storing their personal items during the day.  Students in MYP and DP are provided with a locker to use but must provide their own lock.  Cost of repair for any damage to the cubbies or lockers is the responsibility of the student/parent.  If a student loses the key or combination to his or her locker, the lock will be cut off.  The school reserves the right to open any locker if deemed necessary.