School Trips

Education outside of the Classroom (EOTC) and the CAS component of DP are compulsory parts of the curriculum at ISNS.  EOTC service-learning trips are scheduled once per year for Grades 4 to 12 and typically last 4-7 days.  Locations vary depending on the grade level, with younger students traveling within China and older students traveling to nearby countries.  

One-day field trips are also organized throughout the year.  Students are expected to participate in field trips as they are an integral part of the learning process.  

Permission slips must be signed by parents and returned to the for each trip in which a student participates.  Any student not attending a field trip must remain at home and complete an alternative assignment.  The cost for all EOTC trips is included in the tuition package and refunds cannot be guaranteed should a student decide not to participate for whatever reason.

Behavior of Students Off-Campus

Off-campus behavior is fundamentally the responsibility of the individual student and parents. Students must continually be aware, however, that they are always the representatives of ISNS in the larger community and should conduct themselves in such a manner. Behavior that impairs the harmony or efficacy of the school community may be dealt with by the school administration. The school reserves the right to take whatever disciplinary action it deems appropriate.