School ID Cards

School ID Cards

Everyone registered with ISNS is issued an ID card.  This includes all students, parents and staff members.The ID card will act as the main identification document while in school and when entering or exiting school grounds. The ID card will also be used as a prepay card for students to purchase snacks, drinks, and lunch on campus. 

Parents ID Card Issue Process

ISNS requires all students, parents, and guardians responsible for picking up students (such as grandparents, nannies, drivers, etc.) to hold ID cards. Parents and guardians must show and scan their ID cards when they pick up their child.  If parents or guardians are allowed to enter the campus, they must use their cards to enter the campus.

Process for Issuing Cards: We collect photos of students and parents through the Openapply system to make student and parent cards. If the submission has been completed at the time of registration, there is no further actions required.

Please noted that each family can have up to four parent cards. In addition to fathers and mothers, other guardians such as grandparents, nannies, drivers, and other people responsible for picking up and dropping off their children, also need to have an ID card. Parents need to authorize the status of these individuals as guardians and add them to the Openapply system. Parents will be responsible for ensuring additional cardholders are trustworthy. If there is any change of guardian afterID cards are made, please email to  Please be sure all ID cards are kept safe.

If you need to add a guardian, please scan the following QR code to log in to your Openapply system account:


*** Photo Type: passport photos or similar photos, the photo can be taken by mobile phones, but the quality must be high. If you have any questions, please email us at 

Lost Card and Replacement

Each student and parent is responsible for the safekeeping of their ID card.  Cost of replacement for a lost or stolen card is 100 CNY and payment instruction can be found here.

Prepay and Recharging of Student ID Cards

Please refer to the link here to find out how to prepay and recharge student ID card.